Guide To Mixing Patterns

Guide To Mixing Patterns

Okay, patterns. Yep, they scare me too. I have leaned on solid colors in the past because, frankly, I didn’t know how I was supposed to pair patterns with other patterns! Let me tell you, once I found out the perfect pattern matches; I was hooked.
April 12, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich
Fashion Hacks On The Go

Fashion Hacks On The Go

Ladies, stuff happens! Isn’t that always the case?! Whether it’s a coffee spill, popped-off buttons, bust peeking out, or loose pants, there are a number of fashion fails we could experience in our daily life. The effort is real!
April 12, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich
Body Image and How we feel in our Clothes

Body Image and How we feel in our Clothes

Let’s get a little deep. How do you feel about your body? I am all about body positivity and a healthy body image, but it honestly is a lot easier said than done. My goal is to help each of you feel beautiful, sexy, and confident, but I hope you feel that way already!! 


I have found over the years that even if you are the most body-positive person alive, when it comes to trying on clothes, it can trigger those tiny insecurities, nagging us at the back of our minds. We become painfully aware of our bodies in a way we do not see when just going about our daily activities and short glances in the mirror. 

And did you know that more than 70% of adult women have negative body image issues? I’m trying to change this!

Even though we feel body insecurities pop up, when we find that perfect outfit, those feelings disappear in an instant, and we soar with confidence. We walk out, completely forgetting that moments ago, we felt doubt. My goal is to help women get rid of that doubt permanently. 


How to Support our Body Image Thoughts


A few things that help with body image are feeling healthy, which means physically and mentally. Something as little as a body ache, bloat, feeling down, or low energy can change how we think about ourselves. 

How we dress and compare ourselves to others can change how we feel about ourselves. So dressing for our body type and NOT comparing ourselves to others is the most important thing. Allow yourself to love you, your style, and know that you look DAMN good!! 

If you don’t love shopping, take someone with you who will help you shop and let you know you look fabulous!! Or, just shop with Me, Elly Jaymes, and understand that all of our outfits are picked with comfort, class, and confidence in mind! 

And Remember, Body Image is subjective. You have it within yourself to feel good and love everything about yourself. 

March 29, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich
Your Guide to Being More Stylish:

Your Guide to Being More Stylish:

Are you tired of wearing the same type of clothes every day??

It sounds like you’re looking for some guidance in the style department. 

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to do a little sprucing up and spring-cleaning in all of our wardrobes!

At Elly Jaymes, we understand everything there is to know about style and can give you the tips and tricks to develop your own!

Here’s our guide to being more stylish: 

***Don’t buy something just for one occasion***

We’ve all done it before. There’s an upcoming wedding or big event, so you shop for a dress or fancy outfit that you’ll only wear once and then never wear again. 

It’s fun to wear fancier things to new events; however, it’s probably not the most cost-effective and won’t contribute as much to your style as a more versatile piece might. 

Consider purchasing a variety of dressier pieces to have a selection from when those events occur. Choose your pieces wisely. Go for the classy-timeless look that withstands the fluctuation of the trends. 

***Make an effort to discover new brands***

This is one of the keys to branching out of your comfort zone. Style is all about discovery and modification.

Trends are constantly changing and new brands are continually blooming. From designer brands to mid-range brands, there are hundreds to choose from!! Have fun with it and get creative. 

***When you buy something get rid of something else***

Talk about an excellent way to keep your wardrobe up-to-date! You’ll also avoid racking up too many clothes in your closet to the point where you don’t know what you have anymore. 

This trick will also make it so that you thoughtfully consider your purchases. You’ll only buy something if you really love it. 

***Try the hanger trick***

If you want a better idea of the pieces in your closet that you should discard because you no longer wear anymore, try this hanger trick

Whenever you wear something, turn the hanger in the opposite direction. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to have a clearer understanding of what things you don’t wear and what things you do, so you can clear out the unnecessary items in your closet. 

Shop Elly Jaymes to get unique, timeless pieces!! Spring is calling and they have a lot to tell you about what pieces we have in our collection. We have new releases every week!!

Visit our website to explore our New Spring Arrivals!!

March 22, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich
The Top 5 2021 Style Tips:

The Top 5 2021 Style Tips:

The Top 5 2021 Style Tips:

How would you like to learn some style tips that will help you feel your absolute best this year?

There are five tips that can help you to build and develop your style to stand out amongst the rest and help to give you a little extra boost of confidence. 

Let’s start with tip #1 Don’t follow every trend!

Start a new trend or stay with one and build it into your own. Following every trend you come across will take away from your individuality and cause you to blend in with the crowd. 

Styling is all about creating something unique and individualistic. Add some patterns and textures to your current fits and you’ll see how your style begins to transform before your very eyes!

That brings us to tip #2 Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Invest in jewelry! Jewelry will help to complete your outfit. Whether that’s earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, choose pieces that will complement your outfit. 

Adding other accessories such as hats, scarves, belts, ponchos, and purses will help to set your style apart!!

Tip #3 Plan your Outfits!

Plan your outfits ahead of time or even while you’re shopping to create a vision for what you want your style to look like. 

Planning your outfits ahead of time will help you to avoid picking them out last-minute. You want your outfit to feel well-thought-out and considered. 

Tip #4: Use others for inspiration!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming jealous of those whose styles seem to be more developed than yours. 

Rather than comparing your style to theirs, use theirs as a source of inspiration!

What things are they using in their style that are working? What are some things that you would change to make the style your own?

And last but not least, Tip #5: When in doubt, overdress.

Not sure what to wear to a certain event? 

It’s always best to overdress when you are uncertain. You never want to come to an event undressed! Use your style wherever you go!

These five tips are sure to give you a little boost of encouragement to really find and rock your style this year!

Shop Elly Jaymes to craft and curate your style this year!!

March 01, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich
How to Achieve A Minimalist Wardrobe:

How to Achieve A Minimalist Wardrobe:

Are you hoping to achieve a minimalist wardrobe?

Investing in the essentials is one of the most important things to consider when trying to clean out your closet. 

It’s so easy to buy every piece of clothing you see and love. But then you start to realize that your closet is overflowing and you don’t wear half of the things you have because you forgot you owned them!

I’m going to give you all the tips and tricks that go above and beyond just cleaning out your closet, but to also help you achieve a minimalist wardrobe. Going minimalistic will add more functionality to your life than you may realize. 

This process is simple and only consists of 6 steps. 

Let’s start with Step 1: Take everything out of your wardrobe and dresser. I mean everything. I’m sure it’s been a while since you’ve seen your closet and dresser empty. 

The first step is pretty simple, now let’s move to Step 2: Get rid of the clothes you no longer wear and sell or donate them. This includes the very nice things that you no longer need or wear anymore. 

Go through each piece of clothing individually that you just emptied from your dresser and wardrobe.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Well, my mom bought this for me three years ago, and I would feel really bad if I gave it away because I don’t want to hurt her feelings.” Or “I won this shirt in a contest 10 years ago, and I’m not sure I want to give it up.”

That brings us to Step 3: Stop being sentimental.

The more sentimental you are about your clothing, the harder it is to go through and get rid of the pieces you no longer wear. 

When you are going through these pieces, consider how often you wear them, when was the last time you wore them, or if you just got them, how often you will wear them? If they don’t fit, well then why do you still have them? 

If you’re not wearing the clothes you currently have, then what’s the point of having them anyway? Giving them away to someone who will actually make use of the items will most likely be the better option.

Choose to keep the items that you wear the majority of the time. The point of having clothes is to wear them, right? Let’s bring fashion and functionality in the same space. 

Alright, we’re halfway through! Steps 4 and 5 go more in-depth with the cleaning out process. 

You’ll want to make sure that you’re giving goals or purposes to your clothing. For example, perhaps you have a group of clothes specifically for working, working out, or going out with friends. Giving your clothes goals will continue to add to the functionality of your wardrobe. 

Choose pieces that you know you can mix-match so you can get more than a couple of outfits out of them. Have a few solids and a few patterns to add a little variety and style to your fits.

It’s all about the number of combinations you can get out of what you have! What can you do to change things up with your inventory? This process will help to fine-tune your style.

We’ve made it to Step 6! This is the fun part: adding the clothes that you’ve decided to keep back into your wardrobe and dresser.

You can be fun with this! Now that you have fewer items, you can color-code or even organize your closet based on the goals you made for your clothes in the earlier steps. 

Once you’ve added everything back to your wardrobe. Take a step back and admire your hard work. Achieving a minimalist wardrobe is no joke and takes a lot of effort and a good chunk of time!

Picking your clothes out should be a breeze now. If you’re missing any essential pieces to your collection of clothes, shop Elly Jaymes! Invest in the best! You’ll find that you won’t have to update your wardrobe as often if you invest in better quality clothes. 

Stay tuned for more ways that you can improve your wardrobe fashion!!

March 01, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich
Dress for Your Body, Not Your Age

Dress for Your Body, Not Your Age

Do you shop for clothes that are tailored to your age group?

It might be hard to find things that fit well to your body type by shopping according to your age. 

Try looking for pieces that fit your body type. Choose clothes based on your body type versus your age. 

It’s about style, not age

You’re going for an overall flattering look, right?

How can you make sure that the clothes fit properly?

Well, there are a number of ways that you can verify that your clothing fits the way that it should. 

Can you fit two fingers in your waistline? If you can’t, you probably need to find a larger pair. Don’t be afraid of sizing up if you need to!

Wearing the proper size of your clothes will help to give you the most flattering fit. No one will know be paying attention to whether you’re wearing a size medium or small!

Another way to tell if your clothes fit properly is if your shirt is too short when you sit.

Like I said before, don’t be afraid to size up if need be! Focus on how it fits!

Pay attention to the way things fit on your waist, hips, shoulders, and bust. 

When choosing your wardrobe stick to choosing pieces and elements of clothing that resemble your style, and fit perfectly to your body!

If you’ve passed your younger years of experimenting with new pieces and hoping for the best, try to refine your wardrobe. 

This doesn’t mean to avoid trying anything new, but rather try to develop a streamlined look. Try new pieces that fit flawlessly into your refined style and wardrobe. 

Studies show that trying new things can bring joy and actually boost your confidence!! 

Elly Jaymes has styles and fits that are made specifically for you! Shop our website to see what pieces speak to you, what pieces help to refine your style, and give you that extra vote of confidence you need to start your days out right!

January 22, 2021 — Kelly Gehrt
How to develop a signature style

How to develop a signature style

How can you develop a signature style?

There are 4 essential steps to creating a look that works for you!!

A signature style is all about finding an aesthetic that you can transfer to all the different parts of your wardrobe. Finding this aesthetic will help you to mix and match items that you currently have so in a sense, most things work together!

A signature style is part of your identity. It’s creating a look that speaks to you as an individual and speaks to other people about who you are. 

Now that we know what a signature style is, let’s dive into how you can create the perfect one for you!!

Step 1: Refine your style concept⁣

Developing a signature style does not necessarily happen overnight. It will take time to develop and implement. Discovering who you are and what styles interest you will help you to refine your style concept. 

Start by creating a mood board filled with images of styles that inspire you. Try to choose pieces that you really, truly love, nothing that you “sort of” like. 

Use your mood board to build a style concept.

Designing a color palette will also be a huge help to you when selecting certain pieces for your wardrobe. 

Step 2: Figure Out Your Wardrobe Needs

Functionality is the next step to creating your signature style. 

You want to make sure that your outfits are realistic to your everyday activities. If you are a barista, you most likely wouldn’t want to be wearing a mini skirt and heels to your job considering you would be on your feet most of the day. 

Make sure that your clothes are tailored to the type of weather you live in. Sweaters and jeans are great for colder weather; whereas, you’d probably want to stick to light blouses and dresses for warmer weather. 

Do you want a large variety to choose from every day or do you prefer having more of a solid style with minimal pieces? 

These are all questions you’d want to ask yourself when discovering and designing your style. 

Step 3: Build 5 Components to Your Signature Style

It’s time to combine what you’ve learned about yourself into an outfit!!

Your outfit will consist of different elements combined together to create a piece that flows seamlessly. 

The five components that you should consider when putting your outfit together are color, proportion, accessories, hair & makeup (yes this is part of your outfit), and last but not least the details. 

Think of putting your outfit together like designing a room. You start with defining what colors you want to use, then adding in furniture that complements your look (the foundational elements), you add lamps, and plants, and cute little design elements to accessorize your room, and then finish off with the details, maybe adding candles, cleaning the windows, sweeping the floors, etc. 

These components will need to be reviewed and tweaked as you’re developing them so that everything fits together.  

Step 4: Implement Your Signature Look 

Time to shop!

Now that you have designed and created your look in your brain, it’s time to put that into action. 

You’ll need to stock your wardrobe with those cute, stylish, functional pieces that represent you. Figure out how many pieces you want to have. How many jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, etc do you want to have available to you?

Elly Jaymes has a large variety of clothing you can choose from to stock your wardrobe! And our boutique is the perfect place to grab the unique items that no one else has!

Make sure to put them in an easy to grab space in your closet or dresser. The last thing you want is to avoid wearing your newly created style because it’s hard to get to and the other clothes you’re used to wearing are easier to grab. 

You’ve now created your signature style!! Show it off to your friends and family, and go have fun with your finished, beautiful product!!

January 22, 2021 — Kelly Gehrt