When someone says fantasy closet, I think large, the size of my bedroom, with every category of clothing I could ever need or want, in multiple colors and color-coded!

But that is not everyone’s idea of a fantasy closet. Sometimes it’s as simple as everything is on a hangar.

Whatever your dream closet looks like for you, I know it’s going to be unique and unforgettable, and I hope you get that someday!

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions and tips to maybe help speed that process along for you.

If you have ever watched Marie Kondo, you know she is the goddess of organization. I highly suggest starting with Marie’s method of getting started. You can do this by pulling everything out of your closet and placing it in a pile on your bed.

Second, take a look at your closet space and see if there is anything you would like to do with it to update its style and storage space. Make it exactly what you want it. You can DIY this or hire someone to help you. That will depend on your skills and determination!

Once your closet space is how you want it, start going through your pile of clothes and separate in colors and categories. If that is too much to start, just pick one, colors, or type, and start placing your go-to items in the closet first. Once you have done that, start selecting your second go-to’s and third until you get to what you never wear. 

Sometimes the hardest thing for clothing is letting them go. Especially items, you can find instances where you might wear them or have too big or small items. These are just cluttering your space and not allowing you to grow your wardrobe the way you deserve. And the best part is, you don’t ever have to throw items out. You can always sell or donate them!

Once everything is in its place, you will be completely blown away at your closet! 

Now you are just one step closer to your dream closet! And hopefully, some fantastic Elly Jaymes pieces can join it!

October 05, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich
Tags: Hacks Tips