When our family moved from Southern California to a quiet little town in Oregon, we never imagined just how good the country life would be. 

Fast forward a couple of years and here we are. A world that revolves around our four children and all of their animals, and a business world that revolves around our incredible customers. 

Honestly, motherhood is hard! And, surprisingly, it gets just a little bit harder as you’re needed less (like when I sent my last little one off to school last year). Thanks to fashion, though, my two worlds have collided and it has offered me such an incredible purpose. 

What do I mean? Well I jokingly refer to our first business, Elly Jaymes (clothing and jewelry), as my 5th baby (after all, it encompasses all of our names)! And now I'm so proud to be launching another little one (another business, I mean). Meet Hazel + Fir. A name that is both personal and plays tribute to our wonderful home here in Oregon, where our product line extends beyond clothing and jewelry. It's a real marketplace full of unique finds!

Here at Elly Jaymes and Hazel and Fir, every item is personally selected and if it’s not something we’re excited about, we don’t offer it to you. We want to earn your business with quality, unique items, and award winning customer service. In shopping with us, you’re shopping with a friend. Each and every order is appreciated more than you’ll ever know. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our world and loving our products as much as we do.