Since the season is getting colder, I think it’s the perfect time to talk about layering! 

It’s essential to try to stay warm when the weather gets colder. And no, I’m not saying you have to look like a giant marshmallow. Just because you have to bundle up doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish at the same time!

The first layer should be light and well-fitting on your body. It will act as an insulator, keeping your body warmth close to, well, your body. Some examples of good first layers to use are t-shirts, tank tops, anything you deem to be light enough that would be a good starting point for your fabulous outfit!

The middle layer should be a little thicker. It will act as a barrier to help the first layer keep your warmth close to you and not escape into the chilly air. Some good examples of middle layer clothing are sweaters, blazers, cardigans, anything that will help keep you warmer without making you too warm. 

Finally, for the final third layer, it can be any type of coat, jacket, vest, shawl, whatever you have that will absolutely make sure you stay warm while also staying fabulous.

Let’s not forget accessories! You can use beanies, boots, scarves, gloves, whatever you have that will add the finishing touch to your layering style masterpiece.

Although I joked about it above, it’s important to remember that you should avoid bundling up to the point of becoming a ‘marshmallow.’ Layering that much can cause you to overheat and sweat. Leaving you and your clothing cold and damp, which leaves you in the spot we’re trying to avoid overall, you being cold!

Stay warm, stay safe, and layer with style!

November 02, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich