Ladies, stuff happens! Isn’t that always the case?! Whether it’s a coffee spill, popped-off buttons, bust peeking out, or loose pants, there are a number of fashion fails we could experience in our daily life. The effort is real! Fashion fails are why we have written this blog! We want to share our fashion hacks on the go!

Uh, Oh Spill!

Okay, yes, bleach sounds scary. BUT if you are wearing white and spill coffee, your soup splatters, or you just happen to wipe your makeup on your sleeve, those convenient purse-friendly bleach pens are so worth it! Shake and press, and you are on your way to a spotless white fabric as if you made no mistake!

Who’s On Bust Watch?!

Is your top a little too loose? No biggy! If you have a belt laying around, tuck the back of your top or dress into the beltline and watch as the front of your top pulls up, helping your ladies stay covered! You may have to adjust throughout the day, but it’s better than a bra show in the office! 

Anyone Have An Earing?

Did you know that if you’re wearing a surplice or button-up top that’s too loose with no closing clasp/top button, you can use an earring to close it up?! Just poke your earring where you would like your top to close, and you are completely covered!

I Think My Pants Are Big

No Belt? No Problem! Borrow a shoelace! Yes, a shoelace! Wrap your lace through the belt loops and tie a knot, your good to go! No shoelace and your pants have a button and belt loops? Put your button through the first belt loop and then button up! You have now tightened the waist and are still serving style without baggy pants!

There are many hacks ladies implement daily There are many hacks ladies implement daily to rock their style! We have only listed a couple above! What are your fashion hacks?

April 12, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich