Let’s get a little deep. How do you feel about your body? I am all about body positivity and a healthy body image, but it honestly is a lot easier said than done. My goal is to help each of you feel beautiful, sexy, and confident, but I hope you feel that way already!! 


I have found over the years that even if you are the most body-positive person alive, when it comes to trying on clothes, it can trigger those tiny insecurities, nagging us at the back of our minds. We become painfully aware of our bodies in a way we do not see when just going about our daily activities and short glances in the mirror. 

And did you know that more than 70% of adult women have negative body image issues? I’m trying to change this!

Even though we feel body insecurities pop up, when we find that perfect outfit, those feelings disappear in an instant, and we soar with confidence. We walk out, completely forgetting that moments ago, we felt doubt. My goal is to help women get rid of that doubt permanently. 


How to Support our Body Image Thoughts


A few things that help with body image are feeling healthy, which means physically and mentally. Something as little as a body ache, bloat, feeling down, or low energy can change how we think about ourselves. 

How we dress and compare ourselves to others can change how we feel about ourselves. So dressing for our body type and NOT comparing ourselves to others is the most important thing. Allow yourself to love you, your style, and know that you look DAMN good!! 

If you don’t love shopping, take someone with you who will help you shop and let you know you look fabulous!! Or, just shop with Me, Elly Jaymes, and understand that all of our outfits are picked with comfort, class, and confidence in mind! 

And Remember, Body Image is subjective. You have it within yourself to feel good and love everything about yourself. 

March 29, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich