As we step back into normal/post covid life, it’s time to rock our unique styles! So the question becomes how do we style ourselves!? We are so excited to share these style tips to get you excited for your post covid look! 

Are you ready to take your style to the next level?

Rely On Your Basics

Test the fashion waters by taking your basics out of the closet and rock their comfortable style! Do you have a little black dress you could pair with heels and a hand purse or a classic blazer you could dress up for your new-age office style? Think about all the basic outfits you can add a little spice to and the styles you will rock!

Find Clothes That Fit

Do your clothes work for your body type? Do they hug curves in the right places? If not, experiment! What looks best on you and what may not seem as flattering? If you love an article of clothing that may not fit perfectly, find a tailor to customize the alterations to your liking!

Balance Proportions

Find your perfect harmony! Play around with what balance works for you! For example, consider pairing a tighter top with baggy pants!

Find Your Style

Remember, ladies, no matter your size, you are gorgeous! Do not limit your style because you feel a particular body type should wear it. Instead, rock what you have now and make a style of your own! Take inspiration from others and wear what makes you feel confident!

I know coming out of the comfort of your home and back into the world can be scary. Take this time to find your style and step back into the world with your head held high, confidence like no other, and the fear will not seem as bad. You are beautiful. You are strong. 

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July 02, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich