Body positivity is a struggle for many women. Daily social media and ads depict edited and altered photos creating a morphed form of what society deems beautiful. Acne, stretch marks, and bloated tummies are only a few characteristics that make us human. 

It can be challenging to build up a positive body image if we are constantly shoveled beauty ideals. I promise, true beauty comes from within, and confidence is beauty in itself!

In this blog, we wish to share our tips and tricks to start building your body positivity and show no matter your shape, jean size, or acne breakouts, you and your body deserve self-love!

6 steps to build a body-positive image:

Appreciate your body

Every day your body helps you get to your destination, grab the cookie jar, hold a book, and all the daily activities we enjoy. Reflect on how lucky you are to have a body that allows you to accomplish those daily tasks!

List out what you love about your body.

Just like writing out goals increases the chance of success, writing out positive affirmations regarding your body can lead to a positive self-image. What do you love about yourself? Is it your hair? Curves? Write it down!

Understand there is more to “True Beauty.” 

We have all heard the saying, “True beauty is more than skin deep,” and this is true. What have you done lately for someone? How have you shared your inner beauty? When you help another, you feel better about yourself. 

Surround yourself with positivity

Having individuals around you who constantly diminish your feelings or hinder how you feel about your body image will negatively impact your progress to a positive self-image, and it can ultimately end your journey. Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you succeed and happy!

Wear clothes that make you feel confident

The shape of your body will be flattered by some clothes and not others. Experiment and find what works best for you! When you feel confident, your self-esteem soars. 

We understand that building self-esteem and a positive self-image is easier said than done. Ladies, please know that you are beautiful. There is no one exactly like you, nor should you be. So why should you try and conform to what society deems beautiful? Form your beauty and love yourself along the journey.


May 04, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich