Ladies, as the COVID era comes to an end the office life gets closer and closer. In-office work means no more blouses and sweats to stroll around the house. No more business on the top with comfy casual on the bottom. What are we going to do?! How do you even dress for an office these days? As we start to merge back into office attire, we should keep in mind what styles may be predominantly running the office vibe.


Blazers have always been the queen of the office. If you are trying to be professional, you wear a blazer. As time has evolved, we have learned ways to dress down blazers to be more casual for those non-meeting days or a style that fits more comfortably. Ladies, oversized blazers are in! Wear them over trouser pants and a tight top to offset the flow, or add an appropriate graphic tee and pencil skirt underneath the outer layer! You will be serving fashion the moment you step out of virtual work!


Dresses will NEVER go out of style. For those of us who took advantage of covid and may have added some extra love to the scale, you can always find security and flattery in a flowy summer dress. Find what styles flatter your body and rock what you got! I highly suggest considering a flowy summer dress paired with a belt; this will accentuate the waist while keeping the comfortability!

Remember ladies; we can no longer get away with the sweat pants hidden from the zoom view. If we have to dress nicely, then LET'S DRESS NICE. There is so much office attire; you will fall in love with your new style! Work with your body, not against it, and find yourself elevating the office style!

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Good luck!

June 01, 2021 — Nicole Diedrich