How can you develop a signature style?

There are 4 essential steps to creating a look that works for you!!

A signature style is all about finding an aesthetic that you can transfer to all the different parts of your wardrobe. Finding this aesthetic will help you to mix and match items that you currently have so in a sense, most things work together!

A signature style is part of your identity. It’s creating a look that speaks to you as an individual and speaks to other people about who you are. 

Now that we know what a signature style is, let’s dive into how you can create the perfect one for you!!

Step 1: Refine your style concept⁣

Developing a signature style does not necessarily happen overnight. It will take time to develop and implement. Discovering who you are and what styles interest you will help you to refine your style concept. 

Start by creating a mood board filled with images of styles that inspire you. Try to choose pieces that you really, truly love, nothing that you “sort of” like. 

Use your mood board to build a style concept.

Designing a color palette will also be a huge help to you when selecting certain pieces for your wardrobe. 

Step 2: Figure Out Your Wardrobe Needs

Functionality is the next step to creating your signature style. 

You want to make sure that your outfits are realistic to your everyday activities. If you are a barista, you most likely wouldn’t want to be wearing a mini skirt and heels to your job considering you would be on your feet most of the day. 

Make sure that your clothes are tailored to the type of weather you live in. Sweaters and jeans are great for colder weather; whereas, you’d probably want to stick to light blouses and dresses for warmer weather. 

Do you want a large variety to choose from every day or do you prefer having more of a solid style with minimal pieces? 

These are all questions you’d want to ask yourself when discovering and designing your style. 

Step 3: Build 5 Components to Your Signature Style

It’s time to combine what you’ve learned about yourself into an outfit!!

Your outfit will consist of different elements combined together to create a piece that flows seamlessly. 

The five components that you should consider when putting your outfit together are color, proportion, accessories, hair & makeup (yes this is part of your outfit), and last but not least the details. 

Think of putting your outfit together like designing a room. You start with defining what colors you want to use, then adding in furniture that complements your look (the foundational elements), you add lamps, and plants, and cute little design elements to accessorize your room, and then finish off with the details, maybe adding candles, cleaning the windows, sweeping the floors, etc. 

These components will need to be reviewed and tweaked as you’re developing them so that everything fits together.  

Step 4: Implement Your Signature Look 

Time to shop!

Now that you have designed and created your look in your brain, it’s time to put that into action. 

You’ll need to stock your wardrobe with those cute, stylish, functional pieces that represent you. Figure out how many pieces you want to have. How many jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, etc do you want to have available to you?

Elly Jaymes has a large variety of clothing you can choose from to stock your wardrobe! And our boutique is the perfect place to grab the unique items that no one else has!

Make sure to put them in an easy to grab space in your closet or dresser. The last thing you want is to avoid wearing your newly created style because it’s hard to get to and the other clothes you’re used to wearing are easier to grab. 

You’ve now created your signature style!! Show it off to your friends and family, and go have fun with your finished, beautiful product!!

January 22, 2021 — Kelly Gehrt