Do you shop for clothes that are tailored to your age group?

It might be hard to find things that fit well to your body type by shopping according to your age. 

Try looking for pieces that fit your body type. Choose clothes based on your body type versus your age. 

It’s about style, not age

You’re going for an overall flattering look, right?

How can you make sure that the clothes fit properly?

Well, there are a number of ways that you can verify that your clothing fits the way that it should. 

Can you fit two fingers in your waistline? If you can’t, you probably need to find a larger pair. Don’t be afraid of sizing up if you need to!

Wearing the proper size of your clothes will help to give you the most flattering fit. No one will know be paying attention to whether you’re wearing a size medium or small!

Another way to tell if your clothes fit properly is if your shirt is too short when you sit.

Like I said before, don’t be afraid to size up if need be! Focus on how it fits!

Pay attention to the way things fit on your waist, hips, shoulders, and bust. 

When choosing your wardrobe stick to choosing pieces and elements of clothing that resemble your style, and fit perfectly to your body!

If you’ve passed your younger years of experimenting with new pieces and hoping for the best, try to refine your wardrobe. 

This doesn’t mean to avoid trying anything new, but rather try to develop a streamlined look. Try new pieces that fit flawlessly into your refined style and wardrobe. 

Studies show that trying new things can bring joy and actually boost your confidence!! 

Elly Jaymes has styles and fits that are made specifically for you! Shop our website to see what pieces speak to you, what pieces help to refine your style, and give you that extra vote of confidence you need to start your days out right!

January 22, 2021 — Kelly Gehrt